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Gotta Get a Grip! (Contest)

Some time ago on Twitter we promised you a contest/giveaway with something handy, so here it is!

Continue reading „Gotta Get a Grip! (Contest)”

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Interview with Fictiorama Studios

On the occasion of Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today being released in eShop, we want to present you a chance to know better the game’s creators! Continue reading „Interview with Fictiorama Studios”

Bad Apple Wars (ENG)

„You must never taste the apple forbidden. Those who do shall see only expulsion as their reward.” Continue reading „Bad Apple Wars (ENG)”

Collar X Malice (ENG)

I’ve had my eye on Collar X Malice for quite some time now. While browsing through some foreign storefronts about a year ago, a gorgeous cover drew me in immediately with its amazing character design and daring air of distinctive confidence. I quickly read through the game description, only to come to the disheartening realization that it was a visual novel — and only available in Japanese. Continue reading „Collar X Malice (ENG)”

Airship Q (ENG)

Airship Q, created by the Miracle Positive studio, didn’t have a chance to leave the Cherry Blossom Country in it’s Vita edition. The developers, not being able to release this version on the western market, decided to add a patch containing English language, in belief, that their game has a potential to reach wider audience. We decided to check, if they were right. Continue reading „Airship Q (ENG)”

Interview with Coatsink

To celebrate Shu release on Vita, we would like to present you an interview with one of the games creators – Jon Wilson. Also, Jack Sanderson – Coatsink PR Manager, jumped in to tell us, how we liked Pyrkon and Poland. Continue reading „Interview with Coatsink”

Interview with Pixelated Milk

Poles can be found in many walks of life and video games are no exception. Without a doubt, all of you would be able to name at least one excellent Polish game (that isn’t The Witcher) and/or a Polish game for PS Vita. As it turns out, die-hard fans of Japanese aesthetics have infiltrated the ranks of our developers, and they’re aiming to forge their love into a game. If you’re intrigued by a concept of a Japanese RPG made in Poland, then look no further. Meet Pixelated Milk, the studio behind this crazy idea! Continue reading „Interview with Pixelated Milk”

Interview with Georges Paz from Psychoz Interactive

PS Vita has quite big library of games but we have to admit that few genres are missing or have only few representatives. Horror games are one of those types, which we would like to have more, especially in 3D environment. Luckily, to our rescue comes Psychoz Interactive with their fresh IP called Forgotten Memories! This title will be very important for our handheld and we wanted to closer it to you. But who will do it better than one of the creators? Please welcome Georges Paz from Psychoz! Continue reading „Interview with Georges Paz from Psychoz Interactive”

Interview with Behind The Stone

It’s been a long time since we did an interview so it’s time to fix that error. Our last guest was Massimo Guarini from Ovosonico – one of people who made Vita’s exclusive game Murasaki Baby. It’s well known that games dedicated to specific console are gold that can be decisive in selling hardware. Of course marketplace shows that only big productions can do it but it’s still nice to have smaller, unique titles in system’s library. That is why today we are presenting you an opportunity to learn about another European smaller studio, which is working on something interesting for us. Here’s Behind The Stone from Germany! Continue reading „Interview with Behind The Stone”

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