Some time ago on Twitter we promised you a contest/giveaway with something handy, so here it is!

Since I’m writing this in English, it should be clear that contest is international! That means we will send prize anywhere you live. Thanks to photo above you also already know that we have JOETSU L2/R2 Button Grips for PS Vita to giveaway! We have one for PCH-1000 and one for PCH-2000, and to win one of them you just need to do some stuff on Gleam in the link below :) Contest will be closed at midnight on Sunday, December 17th.


There are two mandatory things for you to do regarding Gleam. You need to have e-mail address added in your profile because we will contact with winners that way. Also, we know that some of you have two or even more Vitas (you maniacs! :D), and you can have both versions. So, in a filed with question „For which PSV version you need the grip?” you can add only one model! If the field will have both versions or it will be blank, your entry won’t qualify, so keep that in mind!

This giveaway is possible thanks to and all of you, who bought stuff there with our -$3  coupon – MYPSVITA – and/or through our reflink! We hope you will continue to support that great store and help us to stay their partners by using code and reflink. Thanks to that we will be able to make more contests like this and continue our path to review as many PS Vita games, as possible :)


  1. We are waiting for entries till midnight on Sunday, December 17th 2017.
  2. Entries in Gleam have to contain e-mail address.
  3. Every participant can login into Gleam once. Let this be fair for everyone!
  4. In „For which PSV version you need the grip?” needs to filed with only one PSV model.
  5. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, December 19th.
  6. In case of winning, we will contact you through provided e-mail. You will have 3 days to reply with shipping address, otherwise we will have to draw new winner.
  7. Prizes will be send ASAP but you have to keep in mind that depending on your country it can take even 6 weeks to deliver.
  8. Members of team can not participate in contest, our external helpers can. Ex members cannot participated, unless at least a year passed since their leave.