Clandestine: Anomaly – a perfect game for Vita?


Kickstarter – this one word should be known to any average web surfer. For those who don’t know what it is – it’s a crowdfunding platform where you can vote with your wallet and support a project which is to your liking. You can invest in art, style, gadgets or video games. There I have found a gem…

…under the name of Clandestine: Anomaly, a futuristic RPG game. What is so interesting about it? The core of the gameplay in Clandestine is Augmented Reality. Wait, I know what you think now: „It’s another one of thpse gimmicky P&F games like Reality Fighters, T@G or PulzAR”. Read on and decide for yourself if it’s a Play & Forget kind of game.

The story starts when a new ecosystem called „Navita” is found. It’s a highly dangerous one, as it’s warping the very matter of reality. The bad luck won’t leave our side when Homo Mechanis comes from the shadows of history to take it’s rightful place in the universe. It’s an organisation which is pulling the strings of governments and is in fact controlling most of the known universe. We begin our epic story when we receive a distress call from a damaged ship, which hacks our device and installs alien technology on it. This way we are thrown into the deep waters where we will have to try to keep our head above the surface. One of the biggest events in the early story is us entering Earth Defence Contingency (EDF), an organisation which wants to battle Navita and restore the peace on our planet.


The core ideas for gameplay are quite easy, nevertheless they’re interesting. The game has a deep and complex story, which we will progress by completing the quests and by the choices we make during the conversations with many characters we meet on our way. Yes, it’s an AR game with RPG elements. The RPG influence doesn’t end there. In the game we take command over drones, which we can custumize to our liking. Then we have the tower defence elements as we organise our units into arrays to defend our neighborhood from the onslaught of Navita. It may picqued your interest when I’m saying about defending the neighborhood. Clandestine uses GPS and shows us the situation by using Google Maps.

So let’s sum the core features of Clandestine:

  • It has tailored geolocative AR gameplay
  • It uses tower defence combat mechanics
  • It has a plot and RPG story progression
  • It has a complex customization system

According to the info on Clandestine: Anomaly Kicstarter project, the game will come out on Android and iOS. Now you should be like: “What? I’m interested in VITA, and not smartphone games!”. As you can see from this article and from the movies and images on Kickstarter, it’s a perfect game for PS VITA. Therefore I have contacted ZenFri LLC, guys who are behind the game and ask them a simple yet profound question, which was answered by Corey King, the creator of the game.

MorfiTM: Is it possible to add PS VITA as one platforms when reaching a certain the stretch goal?

Corey King: We actually have a PS Vita developer kit in our office. We are very willing to develop on Vita, especially once it’s Unity Beta is out. We think it’s a beautiful machine that needs more amazing content. What we can say is this, the Vita *wink* might be a stretch goal, and something that if the game is successful, we’d love to develop for. If more people will ask us, and they start demanding the game on Vita, it will make it easier for us to pursue that stretch goal, and allow us to show Sony the level of interest in this game for their platform.

Now remember what you have read in this article, then go to Clandestine: Anomaly Kickstarter project and ask yourself: Should only Android and iOS devices have this game?
Do you have an answer already? Then cough up some money and help me, You, and every PS VITA owner out there to make it real. There are only 27 days left to make it happen


Do you think that Clandestine Anomaly should come out on PS VITA? Will you vote on it using your wallet? Comment below.